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MADRID, 2 Feb. (EUROPA PRESS) - Univergy International has signed an agreement with Abanca to finance renewable energy facilities in farms and livestock farms in Spain, the company reported.

Specifically, the agreement will apply a financing offer for Univergy customers who invest in renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass) aimed at improving the technological and productive capacity of agricultural and livestock exploitation in the national territory.

Univergy International has set a goal for 2018, to develop renewable projects in South Korea of ​​300MW

Madrid, Seoul, April 11 of 2018.- The Univergy company International has established a new office in Seoul on the occasion of which the Government of South Korea has set a goal of power generation through renewable 58,5GW for 2030. Univergy has set an objective for 2018, to develop renewable projects in South Korea of 300MW.

The Spanish Government has organized an auction for the award of more than 3.500 MW of new photovoltaic power plants in 2018

Madrid, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, March 19 of 2018.- Univergy International searches for land in all the Canary Islands, especially on the island of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura, for the development of photovoltaic plants.

Univergy International will participate in the Power & Electricity World Vietnam, The Solar Show Vietnam& The Wind Show Vietnam, which will take place on 10 and 11 April days of 2018 in the Gem Center de Ho Chi Minh City

The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy International has been awarded for the development of three photovoltaic energy projects in Vietnam totaling 300 MW, with the aim of connecting them to the electricity grid before the middle of the 2019 year.

Madrid, Mexico City, March 26 of 2018.- The Spanish-Japanese company Univergy International, Huntec and Kolya develop a photovoltaic solar energy project of 123 MW of power, that was awarded to Canadian Solar in the last long-term auction of the wholesale electricity market in Mexico.

Madrid, Leioa (Bilbao), Tokyo, 9 of January of 2018.- Today Saitec Offshore Technologies and Univergy have closed and agreement for the creation of a Special Purpose Company for the development of floating projects in Japan with SATH technology.

Ignacio Blanco , Executive President of Univergy International, has pointed out that “this agreement that links both companies Saitec y Univergy have a high strategic value for the development of offshore plants projects, as much by the expertise of both companies in this sector of the economy, as well as by floating technology STAH”.

On the other hand, Alberto Galdós Tobalina, President of Saitec Group, has said that “this agreement supposes the union of two companies with very strong presence in the international field that provide a great experience in management of PLA, s and technologies with advanced solutions in projects offshore through the STAH”.

Univergy main offices


Calle Serrano, 41.
28001 Madrid, SPAIN.


Painter Zuloaga, 2. Ground floor right.
02001 Albacete, SPAIN.


Halifax Bld. 6F, Roppongi 3-16-26,
Minatoku Tokyo 106-0032 Japan

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