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Univergy International
Engineering and development of Renewable Energies ]

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    Univergy firma un acuerdo de patrocinio con el Ayuntamiento de Fuente-Álamo (Albacete) para equipar a más de cien jóvenes deportistas

    Ginés Martínez, Vicepresidente de Univergy, natural de Albacete, señala que “este acuerdo constituye la fusión de los valores del deporte entre los jóvenes junto a la responsabilidad medioambiental de Univergy”
    [ Diego Alberto García, Concejal de Deportes del Ayuntamiento de Fuente-Álamo indicó “creo que este acuerdo con Univergy  aportará un gran impulso al deporte de base y dotará de equipamiento deportivo a más de 100 niños y niñas”

    Albacete, 10 de julio de 2018.- La empresa hispano-japonesa Univergy Internacional ha llegado a un acuerdo de patrocinio deportivo con el Ayuntamiento de  Fuente-Álamo (Albacete) por el que las escuelas deportivas de jóvenes de edades comprendidas entre los 6 y los 16 años, lucirán en su equipamiento deportivo la marca y el logotipo de Univergy, en principio, durante las dos próximas temporadas 2018-2019 y 2019-2020.

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Univergy is a business group of Spanish-Japanese originwhose areas of action are focused on Renewable Energy sector, with special interest in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic solar energy projects, as well as in its multiple domestic, industrial and agricultural applications.

The company began its activity at 2012, establishing its main offices in Tokyo and Madrid. Since its creation, it has experienced a very significant growth and has positioned itself as a global developer of sustainable projects, establishing offices in countries around the world, with commercial presence in virtually all continents.

Currently, the group has business activity in Germany, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Spain, Korea, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands, France and Egypt, countries where it develops a project portfolio of more than 2,6 GW in total.

Only in Japan, Univergy has a portfolio of photovoltaic projects that exceed 1 GW, participating actively in the development and implementation of various projects carried out by other companies.

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Univergy main offices

Headquarters Univergy Spain


Calle Serrano, 41. 7ª Plant
28001 Madrid, SPAIN.

Univergy Technical Office


Painter Zuloaga, 2. Ground floor right.
02001 Albacete, SPAIN.

Headquarters Univergy Japan


Halifax Bld. 6F, Roppongi 3-16-26, Minatoku
Tokyo106-0032 Japan

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